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April 30, 2012

Apollo Ecig Coupon Code coupon
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About Apollo

Apollo are very proud of their products, reputation and commitment to their loyal customers.
They have their own high tech R&D facility in the US. Their Eliquids are made with the highest quality, US-sourced ingredients and they are mixed by hand, packaged and stored in their lab in Northern California. And they oversee all aspects of the hardware production process and maintain direct contact with their manufacturers for continuous quality control.
All electronic components come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and all purchase have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Free Shipping is offered on all US order over $30.

Electronic Cigarette Starter kits

Apollo ecigs offer a range of high quality electronic cigarette kits, each of which comes with everything you need to get started immediately and all of which have Free Shipping, a Lifetime Warranty and a 20 percent discount using our Apollo e Cig coupon code. They are available in multiple flavors and five different nicotine strengths to satisfy any type of smoker.

The Standard Starter Kit is their most popular version of an e-cig starter kit. It comes with a Portable Charger Case (PCC), a box that looks like a pack of cigarettes which charges your e-cigarette batteries while on the go and keeps your ecig safe. This kit contains 2 Standard batteries. It comes with a five-pack of Standard flavor cartridges, in the flavor and strength of your choice. This kit also includes a USB charger and wall adapter.

The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit comes with 2 Extreme batteries, which have a greater capacity to produce vapor and which last longer. This e-cig kit includes a five-pack of Extreme flavor cartridges in the ejuice flavor and strength of your choice.

The Superior eGo Kit is a more advanced e-cigarette made easy for beginners. This ecig uses ‘clearomizers’ which you fill yourself with any eliquid you want, and a 10ml bottle of Apollo eliquid is provided. The Superior eGo kit has a manually operated battery that is much larger than the standard ecig kits. Also included in the Superior eGo Kit is a USB charger and wall adapter, and an instruction manual.

The Apollo VTube V3.0 is highly adjustable and is recommended for experienced users. Version 3.0 now features variable wattage in addition to variable voltage. Its redesign also includes a removable top cap to allow the use of even more clearomizers and atomizers and makes cleaning your device faster and easier. This device uses a simple 3 button setup to make adjustments features an easy to read display screen to see your settings.

The Apollo eSlim Kit V2.0 uses refillable cartomizers instead of tanks, which helps avoid the leakage issue that tank systems can sometimes have. The slim design is lightweight, sleek and easy to hold. The kit comes with a 10ml bottle of e-liquid in the flavor and strength of your choice.

Apollo E-Liquids

Apollo E-liquid is made, packaged, and stored in their Northern California lab by qualified chemists.
All flavors are made with the highest quality, US sourced ingredients. The Apollo flavor team samples and analyzes each new flavor and an intense voting process ensues.
No new eliquid flavor is introduced to our customers until it is unanimously voted as delicious.
Apollo features a 60/40 PG/VG ratio. All flavors are made with:

  • USP Grade PG and VG
  • Kosher and Food Safe Ingredients
  • 99% Laboratory Grade Nicotine

The facility adheres to good manufacturing practices commonly found in the food manufacturing industry. This means a strict protocol and procedure is practiced throughout the entire manufacturing process, from recipe development to bottling, to ensure a consistent quality.
Apollo e-liquids are guaranteed contaminate free.
In other words, Their facility is legit.


Apollo stock clearomizer products from many popular brands, including the Innokin iClear 30, the Kanger Protank 2 Mini, the Kanger Unitank Clearomizer, Greensound H2 and the Davide Glassomizer by Anyvape.

Apollo Flavor Cartomizers

Apollo cartridges are pre-filled with premium e-liquid. They are available in 5 Nicotine strengths to satisfy all types of smokers and are incredibly easy to use.


If you have never used an e-cigarette before, Apollo’s Disposable Electronic Cigarette is an excellent place to start. They arrive fully assembled and charged. No need to recharge or refill, just discard after use.
Choose from five great flavors – Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee and Cherry
Available in four nicotine strengths – Zero, Low, Medium and High


Apollo also sell a range of batteries and accessories.

Everything on the site is subject to a 20% discount using our Apollo e Cig coupon code, so make use of it today!