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April 23, 2012

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About Smokeless Image

Smokeless Image’s Volt range has been developed to cater for both new and experienced vapers, with specialised starter kits for those just starting out and a range of hardware, accessories and eliquids to help the experienced vaper to customize their experience. So take full advantage of our 15% off Smokeless Image Discount Coupon to get you started.

The Volt Basic Starter Kit comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, two cartomizers and a USB charger as well as a three month warranty; it provides all the essentials needed to get started. For those who want a bit more than the basics, Volt also has Standard and Pro Starter Kits. And for the customer who wants everything, there is the Premium Starter Kit: ten Filter Tips in selected flavour and strength; two rechargeable lithium ion batteries; a Volt Charging Case Kit; a USB Battery Charger; a USB Wall Adapter; a USB Passthrough. And like all Volt’s kits, a 3 Month Warranty.

Other Kits include the Volt Zip Kit and the Volt Disposable. The Volt Zip Kit is a must for the vaper who is nostalgic for their old smoking accessories. It is the same size as the original Zippo lighter and fits discreetly into your top pocket. The Volt Disposable is a one time use model, with the same battery and cartomizer technology as the starter kits, it is available in different flavours and nicotine strengths and is perfect for those looking to get a feel for vaping or as extra supplies for the vested vaper.

Smokeless Image have a number of different clearomizers and cartomizers so that you can enhance and develop your experience. Experiment with the different flavoured packs of cartomizers or perhaps try a refillable clearomizer which allows you to refill with your choice e-liquid as well as to keep an eye on your liquid levels as you vape.

Smokeless Image also stocks a wide range of eliquids. They stock both their own Volt eliquids as well as the popular NicQuid brand. The NicQuid range has been created by a team of experts who hand select high quality ingredients. With over 30 different flavours to choose from coming in 3 different bottle sizes and your choice of 5 different nicotine strengths you can really have fun tailoring your vape to your different needs and moods!

Customer Service is at the heart of Smokeless Image’s operations. Not only will you receive a three month warranty on all chargers, batteries and kits but you can return items for a full refund or exchange within 30 days. Let them guide you through the practical side of their products with their handy video demos page. Here you can learn how to get the most out of your Volt products and experiment with new techniques and hardware. Check out the ‘Real Life Customers’ page for more reviews from real customers. Browse the Smokeless Image page for more information about their range and ethos.

Have fun browsing the full range of starter kits, hardware, accessories and eliquids and take full advantage of our 15% Smokeless Image Coupon which should help you on your way.

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