Uk Ecig Cabin Atomizer Ohm Meter/Reader review.
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Thread: Uk Ecig Cabin Atomizer Ohm Meter/Reader review.

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    Post Uk Ecig Cabin Atomizer Ohm Meter/Reader review.

    Afternoon all,

    Bringing a little review to you of the Atomizer Ohm Meter from Toni over at

    You can purchase this product here for 10.99

    I received this free for review.

    So the Ohms meter. This is going to be a short review as not much to say about a Ohms meter. Here is the info.

    This item will check the resistance of your atomizer, clearomiser, tanks and heads. A great little thing to have for when you are re building your coils and heads. This has both 510 and ego connection so all your different styles of clearomisers, tanks etc will fit this. Great for checking for shorts in your builds before putting them on your mods and risking damage to batteries.
    The Ohm meter will read a 1 in the first digit spot on the left is there is no current flow through your build indicating a short or damaged coil. Accuracy of this is around the 2% mark. Requires two 1.5 Volt AA batteries which are not included (safer then using a usb lead to your laptop).

    This is a great little device. It is made from plastic (it says ABS Plastic Cement on the box) so not the best of quality but for the price and what you are using it for it is ok. The connector is good quality, no wobbling, well fixed to the device. The switch has a nice click to it when you switch it on and off. The screen is easy to see and read. There is a strip of rubber next to the batteries that protects all the electronics. Only thing to mention is there is a small hole on the back on where i am assuming a screw should be there to hold the battery slider in place but there is no screw but the slider stays in place firmly and i have no issues with it coming off even when my son picked it up and then dropped it lol.

    There is not much more i can tell you really. Does what it says on the tin. I have compared it to the Ohms checker on my Evic and Zmax and it has been bob on every time except one and then it was only 0.1 out.

    All in all a great little tool to have for re coiling.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Thought this was good when I first got it. Then center pin keeps falling down and causes erroneous readings. Have to open it up and push pen back up from behind. Wont stay up and readings vary. In my opinion it is a piece of cheap junk. Dont waste your money or time.!!!

    If Im on the side of the trail posting ... its because Im waiting for you to catch up.

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