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Thread: CLEAR TOP CAP for PATRIOT (review)

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    hey guys at ecig forum, just wanted to share my info on about a CLEAR TOP CAP, for a patriot, ive been searching around for reviews i couldnt find any so i decided to make my own, to help other people have an idea of this clear top cap, the decision before purchasing, in my own opinion yeah i like it, ive been using it for about a week, and so far ive tooken this cap all the way down to 0.3 ohms and chain vaping on it, seems to me the cap holds its structure by not cracking or melting, it is plastic, so go easy when removing the cap to drip ur juice by saying that it feels i could break it but becuase im use to gripping the stainless cap so far so good, it also has a second layer of plastic inside the chamber, it fits any 510 drip tip, and it fits snug with a genuine/clone patriot rda, it comes with 2.33mm stock air holes, i did not drill them out, i purchased this from they also have for the igo, and the nimbus for $18.99, so lets get down to the pics below,, have fun thanks for reading, and VAPE ONN!!!

    CLEAR TOP CAP for PATRIOT (review)-cal1.jpg
    CLEAR TOP CAP for PATRIOT (review)-cal2.jpg
    CLEAR TOP CAP for PATRIOT (review)-cal3.jpg
    CLEAR TOP CAP for PATRIOT (review)-cal4.jpg
    CLEAR TOP CAP for PATRIOT (review)-cal5.jpg

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