RBA Coil Jig by KK Vapetek-rba-coil-jig.jpg

A very handy little tool for building micro coils. I am completely new to building coils and this little gadget has helped immensely. I get nice tight wraps every time with minimal effort. I built a perfect 1.2 ohm micro coil with 28 gauge kanthal on my very first try.


-Comes with 3 different size posts (1/16, 3/32, 1/8) that are held inside the jig with a plug.

-T6 aluminum construction

-Completely tool free use. Uses reinforced nylon thumb screws instead of Phillips/Flathead screws.

-The posts are short which makes attaching the leads to the atomizer a simple process while keeping the coil in place.

-Comes with 510 threading in the middle of the jig which functions as a nice base to work on your RBA/RDA.

-Convenient for beginners or veterans.

-Great for travel due to its tiny size


-You can achieve the same result with a drill bit that doesn't cost $22.90 (USA shipping).

-Comes with a cheap sticker on the bottom. Rip it off.

-Cannot order from their website. Must be done through email and PayPal.

More experienced users probably won't find much value here, but I found it extremely helpful.

You can check it out here: Products

Also, here is a video review by igetcha69.