The Forum Manager has introduced a new regulation for limiting who can and cannot start threads in the New Members Forum: only members with less than 70 posts can now start a thread in the NM board.

Any Member can reply to threads, as usual.

This ruling has been hard-coded into the forum software so that if you have over 70 posts, you won't be able to start a thread in the NM forum. It has become necessary to do this because as ECF grows, there are many more people posting (there are over 100,000 posts per month now), and so the number of people who remain in the NM area and use it as their 'home turf' has increased to a number that means real new members are being pushed out. They can only post in there, after all - but older members can post anywhere.

The NM board is for newcomers to post their questions and discuss issues among themselves, with advice from older members where required. It is not a place for general discussion by experienced members - the General Discussion board, with all its sub-forums, is the right place.

We hope you understand the reasons for this move and appreciate why it has become necessary.