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Thread: How To Become A Verified Member

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    Default How To Become A Verified Member

    ECF Member Verification

    NOTE - The verification process is NOT immediate and are handled manually. Due to the increase in activity in real life during the work week, verifications will no longer be processed on a daily basis. I will attempt to process verifications during the week, as time permits. If unable to process during the week, request will be processed on the weekends, usually on Sunday night. If there are other delays, I try to post updates here Verified Member Explained With More Detail (FAQ included)

    The Classified and CO-OP section on ECF will be a Verified Member access area only, May 1, 2012. For those unaware, we had seen an increase in fraud in the Classified section and a way to circumvent (not prevent!) this activity, is the Verified Member process. We will do our best to confirm that members are who they say they are, in an attempt to remove anonymity. This in no way implies any guarantee for members nor liability upon ECF. The Classified section is and will always be a "Buyer Beware" format. It is in the members best interest to take every precaution to protect themselves! The process of members becoming "Verified" is only part of the equation to protecting yourself.

    ***The information acquired through this form will be kept under strict protection. The purpose of this information is to verify you as a member and can be provided directly to law enforcement should you defraud other members. At no other point will this information be used or shared with anyone else.***

    (Moved here: Verified Member Explained With More Detail (FAQ included))

    Why become "Verified"?
    • Grants member to the Classified/CO-OP section.
    • Provides other members a form of security by removing anonymity.

    What is required to become "Verified"?
    • Member must have a minimum of 20 posts. If you submit a request and have less than 20 post, the request will be deleted without notice.
    • Must not have multiple serious offenses on the forum.
    • Member must select and fulfill one of the options offered below.

    Is being "Verified" mandatory?
    As of May 1st 2012, being a Verified Member is required to participate in the Classified and CO-OP sections.

    **If you are the spouse of a verified member, there is no need in submitting a request. All you must do is send me a PM with the spouses member name and state you would like to be verified. Once your spouse has claimed you (some may have trouble with this) I will make you a Verified Member. You cannot request for your spouse to be verified, the non-verified spouse must make the request.**

    How do I become a Verified Member?
    First of all, only submit one type of verification request. Please take the time to verify you meet all requirements for the method you select. If you should be denied one method or make a mistake, you will be notified via PM and may correct the issue or select a different method. All denials require you to resubmit a request. Below we have 5 different methods to choose from, PayPal, Vouching Member, eBay, Feedback and Under each section you will see the instructions for each method. Select the method best for you and click the link at the end of the section. You will be taken to a form in which you'll need to fill in and submit.
    **Select one method only. Do not send more than one method.**

    If you have executed the process of becoming verified via Paypal, this will most likely be the easiest method of becoming "Verified" here on ECF. This process allows us to confirm you have been verified through PayPal. PayPal address must match the email you used to register your ECF account. You can add addresses to your PayPal account if the email you registered with ECF isn't associated.

    How can I know if my PayPal is verified?
    To determine whether or not your account is indeed verified, use the link below. Copy this link and add your email address to the end of the link.

    HTML Code:      <-----type your email address after the equal sign
    HTML Code:
    ****When submitted the request form, DO NOT send this link, only type the registered email in the blank. The form is already equipped with the link and your email is all that is required. If you type more than your email the link will not work and your account will show non-verified on Paypal.****

    I Have No Idea How To Be Verified Through PayPal

    **Since the registered email on PayPal and ECF must match, if the email addresses are different, it's best to add the one listed on ECF to your Paypal account. You are allowed more than one email address associated to your Paypal account. If you choose to update the email on the forum, you will be sent a confirmation email in which you will need to confirm the change.**

    **The members you select for vouching must be "Verified" members. Verify this before sending the request.**

    Step 1: For members whom have over 30 days of membership, no serious infractions, and have three (3) "Verified" Super members whom will verify their identity, may also become verified through this process. It is important that before using a member as a voucher, that they are aware that are requesting they vouch for you. A simple PM saying "Hey, we've bought and sold to each other, would you consider vouching for me?" or something similar. If a member really doesn't know you, don't bother sending them a request. The members you select will be contacted and explained the request, along with the opportunity to revoke their vouch.

    **NOTE: Before vouching for a member, understand that your verification status could be in jeopardy should there be reports of fraud against the member you are vouching for.

    Step 2: Once we've confirmed you have 3 legitimate vouchers, we will send you an email confirming step 1 complete. We will then mail a code (3 to 5 business days) to the address you have used in your application. Once you have received the code, you will need to send an email to j0ker @ e-cigarette-forum . com (no spaces) stating the code that you received in the mail. This confirms the address you have given us is valid. For this service, we will request you send $1 to cover the expenses incurred to send the code (postage, paper, envelopes,...etc). This will be requested in the email confirming step 1 complete, mentioned in the beginning of this step.

    This process will be the least easiest and will take more time to verify your identity. Once you have been accepted through the vouch process and we have received the correct code, you will be notified and your account will be upgraded.

    If any of your information changes regarding the information provided in the verification form, it will be necessary to resend the information to update our records.


    Members may be Verified using their eBay feedback.
    1. Must have a minimum of 20 post on ECF.
    2. eBay feedback rating should be 98% or above.
    3. No negative feedback within the previous 6 months.
    4. Must have been a eBay member for more than 1 year.
    5. eBay must have more than 20 feedbacks.

    What we will be looking for: (underlined and circled)

    UPDATED 2-4-2012
    1. Member must click "eBay Feedback Request Form".
    2. Member fills out form then submits.
    3. ECF will verify your feedback on eBay meets the above requirements.
    4. I will PM instructions including a phrase (e.g. "So, how are you doing?") and a link to my eBay contact page.
    5. Member will click my eBay contact link provided in the PM, then via eBay send the phrase to my eBay account.
    6. Once I receive the phrase in my eBay inbox, the member will be considered "Verified".

    I know this process seems a little strange but this will prevent my eBay account for being closed for spamming. Members seeking verification will only be sending one message, so their account will be in no danger.


    This method is being introduced for those members who cannot or do not want to use the online methods in place. The process is pretty simple and has been tested. Basically you will submit the request at the link below, print the form, complete the form, take the completed form along with 2 proofs of residency to a notary, have the form notarized, and mail the notarized form to me. To some this may seem a little labor intensive but this is the best way we have determined to prove your identity. Please no mentioning of sending scanned "anything", as scanned images can be manipulated. So if you are interested, read on.

    This method of verification, like all others available, is in no way an attempt to accept responsibilities for any loss due to unfavorable buys or sells. The purpose of this verification is to only provide ECF the information needed to make attempts to help members recover from a loss. By submitting this form you not only are confirming your identity and current residence but also accept the ECF Classifieds and CO-OP section as a “buyer beware” and understand the risks this implies.

    Please read instructions closely before submitting your request and if you have any questions post them here.

    Requirements before submitting:
    • Be a member on the forum for more than 30 days.
    • Must have 20 post.

    1. You must submit the request form linked below.
    2. Once the form has been submitted (after submitting you'll be redirected here), print this form -
    3. Fill out this form
    4. Take the completed form to a notary, along with 2 forms of proof of residency (see below), and have the form notarized.
      **Acceptable proofs: bills to your current address (electric, water, gas, phone, cable), driver’s license, bank statement, and /or official tax documents.**
    5. Mail the notarized form to me. (Do not mail the proofs of residency nor page 1 of the form you printed)

    To acquire my address for mailing the form, send me a PM


    Currently it appears that NetIDme is down. You may check status here Is down or blocked?

    Go to and create an account. Be sure all aspects are verified. To be approved for verification, I will require that name, gender, and location be visible to me when loading your verification.

    ***Some members have complained they do not receive the pop-up window with the link required to complete the request for Verified Member. This can be caused because of a pop-up blocker, script blockers, or security features in your browser. Some members have successfully obtained the link by using a different browser.***

    1. Got to and create an account.
    2. Once account is created, make sure all items are verified.
    3. Once you have the account created and everything shows to be verified, log into account and click "ID Activity".
    4. Follow this instruction exactly as explained, making sure the spelling of my email is correct to prevent delays in your verification. On the next screen click "Send Your NetID". In the block type in my email address j0ker @ (email without spaces) and click "Send" (Be sure to wait for the popup for the next step!)
      NOTE: The email address is j"zero"ker, not the letter o but the number zero.
    5. This step is very important. A pop-up window will appear with a link, copy that link, it will be requested on the form linked below.

    Members may lose their "Verified" status if:

    • They are found to have defrauded another member.
    • Receives 2 or more confirmed major negative feedbacks. Major to be determined by staff.
    • Receives 2 or more major infractions, Classified related or not.

    If you have recommendations for other forms of verification, feel free to contact me. If you are unable to be verified, please let me know and we'll see if there are other methods we might use for verification.

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