CASAA has started a research fund in order to pay for critical research that will be used to further their mission of protecting access to and educating consumers about smoke-free alternatives and tobacco harm reduction (THR).

One of their first goals is to raise $15,000 in order to fund research to be presented to the FDA late this summer.

CASAA has secured the interest of an internationally respected professor of environmental and occupational health at a major university to write a review of the existing research on e-cigarette chemistry and put it in perspective what health risks such exposures create (or do not create). This researcher is familiar with tobacco harm reduction and will not be intimidated by pressure from the tobacco control industry, but is not a harm reduction activist, and so cannot be said to be biased. He is known for being an impeccable scientist. These factors will make it difficult for regulators and anti-THR activists to dismiss the analysis.

A grant of $15,000 will allow him to conduct this research, and if we can raise the money within the next month or two, we can have a result by late summer, in time for it to be considered in discussion of new e-cigarette regulations.
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