On Monday 28th, the forum will have a new default skin. It's currently available now as an option if you'd like to try it: go to the spin box at the bottom left of the page and select 'E-Cigarette-Forum'.

The 'template' is the layout directions for the page, and gives it the shape, color and fonts you see. This is a variable on sites that run off a database, like this one - you can have the site look any way you want. Other names for these preset layouts are skins, themes or styles. The 'default' one is the option you are presented with by default, if you don't choose another.

After Monday, you'll still be able to use the current skin, by selecting it in the spinbox. You can also use a darkened one, or a skinny mobile option for speed or less distractions.

No doubt you'll tell us what you think about it in Site Feedback!