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Thread: Suggestions on a clone mech drip setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
    that setup should put out some rainclouds. love that little no name v5
    I have an IgoL and 2 V5's. The V5's are my favorite, but that Igo clone is built like a tank. Thick top cap. I don't see the advantage in that, as it makes drilling out the air hole a fair bit tougher. Mine are drilled to 1/16" so I can put out decent clouds, but I am more about the flavor, and feel of the draw. I'm not running SLR either, I'm sitting at 1 ohm and have been really happy.

    That cheapy driptip is sweet also, the opening is huge so dripping is a breeze. I have never liked metal tips so I was happy when fasttech started carrying those. The only part of that that isn't a clone is the CGR18650CH Panny inside.

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    Personally, I'm using a clone Nemsis VW edition paired with a Igo-W (0.2 ohm dual coil). Both of these are available on FT. If you are willing to wait possibly a month or longer, FT is the way go provided that your package or its contents are not lost or damaged. You package may take a month or longer to arrive from FT. Order your batteries domestically because it seems like the Chinese mail authorities are delaying orders with them.

    I bought my setup for a local shop to avoid this headache. I understand that this may not be a possible if there is not a brick and mortar store near you. Since I've already got some vape gear, I'm probably going try FT myself because the deals are too good to pass up.

    Hope that helps...vape on.

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