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Thread: Battery for REO Grand

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    Default Battery for REO Grand

    This may not be the right forum for this but here goes;
    I just received my REO grand and the batteries I have don't fit this device
    do I need to purchase 18650's with a nipple top or a flat top?
    Are there any others that might fit this particular mod?
    I understood you could vape at 3.7 or 6 volts with this model or am I wrong?

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    I have used AW high drains with a nipple top (red, 1600 mah?) and blue high drain 18650's with a flat top with no problem. The flat tops require you to push the switch down a little further. You can also use a magnet spacer to help it make a connection.

    Rob prefers protected 18650's for safety considerations. Not just for preventing the batteries from catching on fire, but to keep a shorted 510 atty (usually from the center post on the atty being pushed down too far) from cooking the mod. That happened to me once, but the bottom spring collapsed and saved it. I was able to use a penknife and stretch the spring back out again, but Rob sent me a new one after reading my post without even having to ask!

    It also can handle two 3v cr123a's stacked for 6v vaping. I did 6v on KR808D-1s with the 510 to 901 adapter, and enjoyed the heck out of it. I'm in the minority, but I love cartos on this mod.
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