buy Joye direct or product dealers ?
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Thread: buy Joye direct or product dealers ?

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    Default buy Joye direct or product dealers ?

    is it possible to buy Joye products directly ? ... I have found a couple Joye "authorized" dealers but they don't carry what I seek

    I use a Joye mega "Tornado" 1,000 mha battery with a mega low res atomizer, both are re-branded by the distributor ... this is NOT the tank

    for several reasons, I do not wish to deal with this distributor/retailer anymore

    I have tried a dual coil atomizer which fits the battery, but doesn't perform quite as well as the original low res mega atomizer

    I have found what works best for me, I don't experiment or forsee changing my hardware, so I would gladly become a regular customer to any retailer that sells what I seek, i.e. a mega low res atomizer

    I am an experienced vaper and a discriminating consumer, it is on principle that I wish to change my hardware supplier

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    No, I believe Joye are quite selective about who they will sell to directly, and don't deal direct with consumers. They even have exclusivity agreements with suppliers in some countries (not the US).

    The Tornado is a Totally Wicked branded version of the eGo. The eGo is what the Joye product is called, so what you are looking for is an "eGo XL LR atomizer". There are two varieties available - Type A (cone shaped) and Type B (cylinder). The cylinder type is the largest overall. The Type A and Type B versions each have cartridges specific to them.

    Some suppliers apart from TW who sell Joye eGo's to the US include Cignot, Liberty Flights, Janty, Heaven Gifts, Healthcabin (last two are based in China). There are others but those are ones I can think of from the top of my head. I believe all of them sell the eGo XL atomizers, but Janty and Cignot do not appear to have the LR version. The Chinese companies sell them for about $7 a piece.
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