Have you been "verified" using your po box address? Help me...
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Thread: Have you been "verified" using your po box address? Help me...

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    Default Have you been "verified" using your po box address? Help me...

    IM WORKING WITH JOKER TO GET VERIFIED BUT HE SENT CODE TO MY APT. AND IT WAS SEMT BACK. ALL MY MAIL GOES TO MY PO BOX, 2 BLOX DOWN THE STREET! Im beginning to think this is getting personal. Any help would be appreciated. I know this has happened before. I have had transactions with 25+ ECF members with notta prob. I think this stinks!

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    Personal? I know nothing of you. How could this be personal? On the other hand, you've made it personal by calling me a liar. I explained to you there hasn't been a single person that has been verified using a P.O. box. I can say this since I have processed every single person that has sent a request for verification.

    What you seem to be missing is, a P.O. box does not in any way provide any verification, not to mention you submitted your physical address on the form. You are explained in the instructions that a code will be mailed to you and you submitted an address that does not receive mail. Where exactly would I send this code except what you submitted. So how in the world do you misconstrue this as a personal matter against you?

    I don't take things personally when someone doesn't know me, so I'll ignore that you called me a liar publicly. If you get your issue resolved, which I offered a solution to, I will even process your request with absolutely no prejudice from your post.