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    Default e cig coil rebuild

    Should I oxidize coil when I rebuild with nichrome ?

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    I'm guessing that you're just talking about the coil itself, and nothing to do with SS Mesh, or you've got that bit covered, so...

    I don't. There is a bit of a funky sort of metalic taste for the first ~ half tank. It's a bit reminiscent of chewwing on silverware, but it's not unbearable for me. Actually, I kind of enjoy it. Then it goes away and you've got a fantastic flavor for quite a while, until it gets too gunky.

    Some people have said that oxidizing removes that flavor. I haven't tried it to find out though, to be honest with you. Something about torching a perfectly good coil seems unnatural to me....and that's more steps that I could mess something up.
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    Some people will run a cigarette lighter along the kanthal/nichrome prior to wrapping the coil. This is supposed to remove the 'springyness' of the wire and let you wrap a tighter coil. I do it mainly to remove any oils from the manufacturing process, any 'finger oils', or just any crud in general that may be on the wire.

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