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Thread: Very Best Portable Liquid Delivery System for Thick eJuice?

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    Default Very Best Portable Liquid Delivery System for Thick eJuice?

    Need some experienced advice as to what cartomizer or clearomizer or tank or whatever wicks best with thicker eJuice. For a number of reasons, I use and have a lot of some really thick VG based juices. I've tried a few different options but rather than go broke trying everything, what say the veterans who have tried and succeeded?

    My constraints include being able to use the thing at work and my job is "active" so I can't really use any whiz bang stuff that's not reasonably practical to carry in a pocket.

    Thanks for any and all insights.

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    I use what some call 100% VG ejuice. Actually the VG blend is diluted by 17% water and the VG nic base is diluted by the nicotine and the flavors are usually in PG, VG, or a blend of the two, so it's not '100% VG' - closer to around 65-75% VG, but as close as one could get. I use Tabac BCC/T3's without a problem. Understand, you'll likely have to clean the coils (and change them) more frequently, but I see you've looked into that - high proof Vodka or everclear works really well for me too.

    eGo 3ml Tabac BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) Clearomizer