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    Thinking of going to mechanical mod but I have a few questions if I am going to be using this. I also plan on buying the smoktech RSST.

    Do I need and ohm meter or can I just put it on a itaste vv/vw? Do I really need to spend the $20 bucks? I dont want to blow myself up.

    Mesh, 400 seems decent for 60/40 and 70/30 Juice?

    Torch to oxidize or can I just use a lighter?

    Kanthal Guage? Was thinking 32 to start. I usually use 1.5 or 2.1 coils.

    Can I still use Smoktech DCT tanks, iclears 30s, pro tank 2 or the clear 16s with an adapter?

    What can I expect from the hit compared to the mvp I have?


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    It's a really good idea to have a multimeter but testings ohms on a iTaste will suffice if your iTaste is accurate.

    400 mesh is fine and I've found that 500 mesh is better for high VG.

    Torch to oxidize.

    32 ga kanthal is great unless you plan to make micro coils then you'll want 28ga wrapped around a 1/16th drill bit. 32 ga is perfect for the ohms you mentioned.

    Adapter question....yes.

    Can't help you with the last question. Sorry.

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