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    OK, been thinking of switching to cotton balls for my wicks. I have the organic cotton, but was wanting some info on proper prep and such for making them into a wick. Can any one point me towards some info or provide? Thanks.

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    Some wash, boil or otherwise clean it. I don't bother, but use sterile cotton from the pharmacy.

    Just tease some out, roll it between your fingers to make your wick. Not too tight - you should be able to move it without much resistance inside the coil. Not too loose, either. Finding the "happy place" may take a couple tries. Too tight and when it gets wet and swells it can choke off the flow. Too loose and it won't wick fast enough.

    Twirl one end tightly to thread the coil. Easier if you moisten it. You'll be clipping off the excess anyway.

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    For organic unbleached you don't need to boil it. All you have to do is take it and roll it between your fingers until it looks like a mini Funny cigarette and pull it through your coils. You can also use organic unbleached cotton yarn. NOT WOOL.