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Thread: wick taste

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    Default wick taste

    Hello. I am using an evod and rinsed out the wick thoroughly after using one juice then allowed the unit to air dry. I filled the evod with a different juice (my favorite) but am finding a strange taste. Is it possible the taste of the former juice is still seeping through? Can I get rid of that or do I have to put a new coil/wick in? Thanks.

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    Yes, some juice can stay in a wick or even in the tank for a long time before it goes away. You could try rinsing it some more or soaking the head in alcohol and then rinsing again. I'd rinse out the tank with alcohol too but don't leave it soaking because you could damage any rubber or silicone parts.

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    The silicone parts can take it but the rubber will not. One thing you might do is to get the glass version of the evod. Also if you have some needle nose pliers take the piece on top of the head that looks like a long stove pipe off while it's on the base and do a dry burn. the rubber Biker Babe was talking about is that insulator on the bottom of the head. I found out the hard way they do not like a long soak in alcohol. LOL I rebuild my heads so i replace them with silicone ones. If nothing else soapy water or a sonic jewelry cleaner or even a water pick will clean them too.

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    I will go away, eventually--unless it's a very strong flavor like cloves or cinnamon or peppermint...

    If it bothers you, grab a new coil and soak the offending one in denture/retainer cleaning solution--flavorless. You can soak the tank and all of its parts in that solution as well--it's really very effective on odors.

    Good luck.
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