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Thread: Veterans! What materials can you use for an RDA deck?

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    Default Veterans! What materials can you use for an RDA deck?

    I'm currently widening the heck out of my tight immortalizer, and I've done a fantastic job on everything but the ceramic deck . Apparently ceramic is tougher than steel drill bits (not titanium though), patiently when I was half a mm away from widening the LAST hole on the ceramic deck, the drill grabbed an edge and it shattered the ceramic . I was so close, this RDA is amazing, and I was one step away from making it perfect. ANY materials you guys can suggest for the deck would be amazing.

    ~I was thinking delrin, it's easy to find, and probably safest. I was nearly ready to cut a penny to the right size but I have to read up of electrical theory first . I know at work we have stainless steel but I'm not sure what grade. What would yall suggest? Just to show you what I'm working with here's the immortalizer:
    The Immortalizer V3 RDA - YouTube

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    Short of buying a new deck doubt you will find a replacement. For future reference use a dremmel tool with diamond chip bits to grind the holes bigger if you must. Takes longer but will be less likely to break the material. Your probably gong to have to buy a whole new one. Never seen that kind of part out there.