Battery severely drained
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    Default Battery severely drained

    This is not my battery, I am checking on this for my ex. She has a smok zmax and some red efest 18650s. she was using a cheap generic charger that broke. She was charging one of the batteries and she said it never showed charged.

    I took the battery and it would not charge on my nitecore i4. So I measured the voltage and it is reading .1 volts. I know the battery is shot. It was on the charger and came off dead. is it possible that it entered thermal runaway and vented without anyone knowing or blowing up. I would like for her to avoid this in the future. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If the battery vented or blew up I'm sure she would know about it. I suggest she throw that battery away and get a better charger like your nitecore.

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