Been invited, but how can I accept?
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Thread: Been invited, but how can I accept?

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    Default Been invited, but how can I accept?

    I have been invited to join the XHaler community and have yet to act on it.

    First off, I don't own one.

    Second, I would have declined the invite by now, as I think you should own one before becoming a member, or at least want to order, are ready to order or have ordered. But I didn't know if I would be able to give the reason for declining and have to just flat out say "NO".

    Therefore I offer this before declining:

    I have been vaping for over a year now. You can tell by my join date and post count that I have been a member here for over a year, however I don't think that I can add any value to XHaler owners or those interested in it at all.

    Although the XHaler is on my list of mods to get, and once I do, I will gladly accept any invite, or request entrance into the community.

    This will not keep me from reading or posting questions or comments in the forum as warrants and if acceptable?


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    Thanks for the thoughtful reply and you are certainly welcome here anytime! I may have read a post and mistakenly thought you owned an xhaler or maybe I just typed the name wrong...??? I don't send invites randomly and I'm sorry for the mistake!

    Take care and congrats on one year!