Trying to revive atomizer
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Thread: Trying to revive atomizer

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    Default Trying to revive atomizer

    I have an atomizer that has been in rotation since early Feb. The last two days it just plain sucks - no vapor although it gets warm. Soaked in alcohol, hot water, and still nothing. Trying another hot water soak right now.

    Meter puts it at 2.5 ohms so it's not dead. I am guessing it is just gunked up after using GV Maiden Coffee juice. I didn't really like the juice when I got it and it clogged the atty up then as well. This time I still don't like the juice and I can't un-gunk the atty.

    Maiden Coffee, meet trash can. Soon your friend 'Seattle Blend' will be joining you as I am going to stay away from dark brown juices.

    Maybe one of those ultrasonic cleaners would work...but for the same $ I can buy 3 more atomizers...

    Update: After soaking in hot water most of the afternoon, then some rubbing alcohol to remove the water, then drying - dry burn success! Vaping some Blueberry Muffin

    13mL or so got dumped down the drain. Nasty stuff.
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