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Thread: Juice Reviews/Opinions - For the Aussie Palate.

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    Felt like sharing some local favourites, these are all doublers:

    I've been vaping literally 6mls of Apple Back from Vaping Mad every day for the past week. I had to lower my nic lol. It's a perfect spicy sweet apple tobacco. 80% VG

    Samba from Vape King: Wow. This stuff needs a few weeks more to steep but it's promising. Kind of like a 555 bacco with some sweet desserty stuff on top 70% VG

    Cussing Tart from Vaping Mad: Wowser. You know what a freshly made custard tart from a bakery is like? All gooey and crumbly? Yeah this is that in vape form. Totally perfect. 80% VG

    I'll post some more reviews of some more exotic international juices

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    Thanks for the info, Keega!

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    Dels ultimate Pipe: rich, ry4ish, caramel, semi sweet, complex, delicious oral orgasm. This is the only juuce I can vape all day and not get sick of. It does seem to gunk up cartos and atomizers fairly quick. Its a darker liquid, brown you could say. Totally worth it though.

    Supplier: VapeKing

    Wintergreen: Awesome, tastes like wintergreen. Fresh and crispy flavour thats nice all day long. Needs a dash of menthol, so my next order I am ordering some menthol flavourto experiment on how much is needed.

    Basically, everything from JuiceWhore and VapeKing is great. Ive tried most of there range, I just cant be bothered writing everything down. Highly recommend both vendors for flavour doublers. Vapekings tobacco range is the best tobacco I've tried anywhere.

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