Hi everyone,
This week we have a few new accessories to introduce.

  • eGo Holster with Lanyard

  • U-can e-Liquid holder and more

We now have an extended colour range on offer for Biansi 650mAh premium eGo batteries + EVOD clearomizers (getting very positive reviews so far) and also the new BCC Vapeonly clearomizer a bit further down (still waiting on a supply of the spare heads).

The 3 stage USB passthrough batteries are also back in stock in 900mAh form, 650mAh to follow in the next week hopefully.

eGo Holster with Lanyard

These holsters allow you to keep your e-Cig safely with you inside a protecive leather like pouch.

The lanyards have a quick release clasp for easy attachment or removal as required.

  • The centre slot allows access to the button whilst still holstered.

  • Will accept most eGo sized batteries 650mAh and upwards (400mAh possibly also).

  • Diameter upper limit is Vision Spinner 1300mAh - 16.7mm

eGo Holster with Lanyard


U-can Stainless Steel e-Liquid Holder

by Innokin


Made of stainless steel, and made well, this rugged e-Liquid holder/dispenser features a removeable top cap section allowing easy refilling.

U-can e-Liquid Holder



Biansi - extended colour range

Biansi Imist Battery

Extended 650mAh colour options!!
Premium eGo style batteries
15 second cutoff
510-eGo connection

EVOD Clearomizer by Kanger

Extended colour range!
by Kanger
BCC design

BCC Mega Clearomizer

Like a Vivi Nova, but with bottom coils!

For the advanced e-Cig users:

Here now and just need to be loaded into the store...

  • Kanthal and Nichrome wires (0.12 and 0.32 diameters).

  • Z-Atty + spares here now!

Z-Atty-Pro now available at Naked Vapour, New Zealand's e-Cigarette specialists.

Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.


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