Hi everyone,

This week we have a couple of new products for the more advanced users out there, including stainless mesh for the extremely serious DIY'er, but first up we would like to feature a couple types of cartomizers that have been performing quite well.

Cartomizers are often overlooked, especially this year, in favour of newer clearomizers.

A plain stainless steel tube is about as plain as you can get looks wise, but don't let that fool you, these have always performed well, and aside from a bit of adjustment with filling techniques etc, these are a staple in many vapers arsenal of vaping choices.

We have 2 cartomizer recommendations this week, both will fit and work on our standard Kit batteries.

Both produce good amounts of vapour and flavour from horizontally oriented coil(s).

The 601C are a single coil design vs the dual coil design of the other.


601C Cartomizers - 5 Pack

510 type cartomizers

Horizontal Dual Coil Cartomizers

5 Pack
Dual Coil Cartomizer

and speaking of clearomizers...V3+ has arrived!

V3+ Dual Coil Ce5 Clearomizer


Dual Coil V3

Buy 1, get 1 FREE ...8 hour deal (newsletter subscribers got 48 hours)

30ml Buy 1, get 1 FREE

8 Hour Deal
Ends 9pm Friday, 7th June 2013, NZ time.

Usually from NZ$28.00 now from NZ$14.00

For the advanced users............
As promised last week,

Kamry K100 Series - Mech


100% Mechanical Switch
+ Protection Chip

Stainless Mesh in New Zealand? Naked Vapour for all DIY e-Cig related hardware.

Stainless Steel Mesh - 316L


Food Grade
from NZ$5.00

Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

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