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This week we have some new products in our 48 hour deals on offer until Friday.

Kanger T3S releases with us this week, these follow on from the quite popular T3 clearomizers with an improved head design that lowers head replacement costs - heads can now be had from a little over half what the T3 heads are.

T3S are a bottom mounted coil type of device, these tend to provide a cooler vape with lower incidence of accidental dry burning due to the nature of the design (wicks are almost always covered in e-Liquid).

Fits most devices
The T3S will fit any standard eGo type battery (as in our Naked kits) and any other device that has a 510 or 510/eGo type of connection.
NB: Due to the larger eGo shroud, some MODs may have issues accepting these without a 510-eGo adapter which will lift the connection to allow their use.

Replacement heads - are also available from launch, with 1.8, 2.2 and 2.5ohm versions in stock.

ie: 1.8ohm is "much more intense*" than 2.5ohm on a standard eGo battery.

* faster, more vapour, increased taste - hotter is not always better though- increased risk of dry burning heads also.

48 hour deals - expires 8pm Friday 21st, June 2013

T3S Clearomizer

48 hour intro offer


....also included this week in our 48 hour deals.......

7 NEW Hangsen e-Liquids flavours

Hangsen e-Liquids - 10ml

48 hour intro offer

NEW - 7 new flavours to try!

Only while stock lasts

Also new in store this week............

eVic ECA - Type A (long tube)


For the eVic

SMOK - Pyrex DCT

NEW - Extended colour range!


Other notable mentions;
Vision V3+ heads have finally arrived!!
NB: single coil version pictured

V3+ Dual Coil Head


For our advanced crowd............Vision Eternity wick assembly's finally also back in stock

Vision Eternity Coil Assembly - 5 Pack

For advanced or serious tinkerers only. Veterans only.

Vision Spinner Batteries with new colour options and new 900mAh size!!

Vision Spinner Battery


Variable Voltage 3.3-4.8v

Massive 1300mAh capacity

Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

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