Hi everyone,
This week we have a few new products and changes to some existing ones.

Firstly we have Kanger Universal BCC heads - these now replace several head types and will make all of our lives less complicated as a result.

See the product listing below for more information.

Products suitable/affected - EVOD, ProTank, ProTank II, ProTank Mini (coming soon) - to be confirmed T3S (suspected to be the same).

Kanger Universal BCC Head - 5 Pack

Compatible with

Ding Ding - Round 2

Following on from the success of the original ProTank, the ProTank II offers the same high standards as before, but with a few design improvements.

  • Borosilicate glass tank section
  • Stainless tip, metal housings and internal components
  • Can now be separated into individual components, so should the tank happen to break, this part alone can be replaced.

ProTank II

by KangerTech

and staying with rebuildables, Vivi Nova Dual Coil heads are now in stock, this a NEW option for the Vivi Nova tanks. Please note the original heads are still available, we are just low on stock at present.

NEW Dual Coil Head

+ Original Single coil options
Suitable for both current versions.

Vamo V3
The Vamo V3 MOD is a full variable voltage or variable wattage device

Vamo V3

Improved Design

We used to only offer 1 type of DCT cartomizer, we have increased the range slightly to around 6 unique types excluding the various resistance offerings, see listing for more details.
Pre Holed Cartomizers - 5 Pack
Extended Product Range
DCT Cartomizers

Just arrived back in store.....

Vision Spinner 1300mAh - Black and stainless version
Variable Voltage USB Passthrough

Coming soon............

EVOD 900mAh - all colours
A new range of Naked kits - Rob is still trying to finalise these offerings along with Naked Manuals
A new Advanced MOD kit for those looking to experience the benefits from moving to larger devices

Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

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