Hi everyone,

First up a notice to all that purchased kits from us in the past couple of days:

The following notice is and was on all listings affected :

​NB: as at 3:30 pm, 23rd September 2013 - we have run out of USB wall adapters and have stock enroute to resupply towards the end of this week, early next.
UPDATE: 25th September 2013 - Looking quite likely the required adapters will not arrive until next week.

UPDATE: 27th September 2013 - Have landed in NZ - should be with us tomorrow or Monday.

ALL orders with kits purchased after the date/time above will ship once resupplied. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
All of these kits have been prepared and are just waiting on the adapters to arrive to us, once here our usual awesome packing and shipping service kicks in.

Naked Vapour - Complete e-Cigarette Kits

Enjoy and vape on!

eGo Wrist Lanyard

TrustFire - 18500 - Li-ion - 1800mAh

Protected Li-ion

TrustFire14500 Li-ion 900mAh Battery

These TrustFire batteries (sold as single units) are rated at 900mAh capacity and have a Protection Circuit Board built in and are suitable for Swig Variable Voltage Devices.

TrustFire - 14500 Li-ion - 900mAh


12 Volt Vehicle Adapter - Suitable for TrustFire 001 Chargers only

This 12 volt vehicle adapter allows you to use your TrustFire charger from your vehicles cigarette lighter (ironic really).

Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

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