Hi everyone,

Naked Vapour is closing down....yep it is true, but only for a couple days and you can still order normally

We are taking a short break from the end of this week -

So orders placed after 1pm Friday, 4th of October will ship from Thursday 10th of October (in order received).

See the shop notice at checkout for any relevant information over this period.

We will not be able to respond to any business related emails OR phone calls over this period - so please utilise our forum (link at the bottom of this email) for support during this time if required.

Please also remember our forum is moderated by only one other person officially at present - and she is a volunteer.

So to recap - we are not shipping or able to provide any support from 1pm Friday 4th October to Wednesday 9th October 2013 - our shop will still be open 24/7 to receive orders. Shipping resumes from Thursday 10th October.

Emails or voice mail will be responded to as we get time on our return.

We anticipate it will take a couple of days to clear the orders placed over this time, so please bear this in mind. We hope to have everything back to normal by the end of that week.

Our NEW Neapolitan e-Liquid is now available to purchase from any of our e-Liquid drop down lists (all recent additions can be found at the bottom of these lists)

Enjoy and vape on!

The eGo-C 1300mAh battery is a voltage regulated 3.7 volt eGo styled battery. Limited intro stock.
NEW - 1300mAh
Shorter than 1100mAh!

For those waiting for our 1100mAh eGo-C batteries - these have been delayed by NZ customs(from the 7th of October).

ProTank II - Mini by KangerTech
Glass clearomizer tank system.
Following on from the success of the original ProTank, and now the ProTank II, the ProTank II Mini offers the same high standards as before, but with a few design adjustments to be a better match with regular eGo style batteries.

ProTank II - Mini
Smaller eGo/EVOD sizing

New tips in this week - remember if you are using a Ce4 or Ce5 type clearomizer (iClear 16 etc) you will require the adapter above to use standard tips.

Advanced MOD users........

Nitecore Intellichargers - Versions i2 and i4

These Nitecore Intellichargers are universal, automatic smart-chargers compatible with almost all common types of rechargeable batteries, one charger to charge them all!!

Nitecore Intellicharger

NEW - Multi Charger

Li-ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd
2 & 4 channel options

Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

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