Hi everyone,
We are pleased to announce a new team member here at Naked Vapour, Rachel has joined Lia and I to help with our day to day operations and assist us in getting your orders away as soon as we can.

So do expect to see her signing off on orders from this week.

Now that we have a bit help on hand, we had better run a 48 hour deal - our 30ml e-Liquids buy get one FREE have always been very popular so let's lead with that this week - see below for more information.

Restocks this week:

iClear 30 units have now arrived back in stock
iClear 30 heads also

iClear 16 - coloured - see below
Kanger BCC Heads also - see below

Cheers and vape on!

Naked Vapour e-Liquid - 30ml - Buy one, get 1 FREE

Applies only to this listing, all are 0 nic.

Offer expires 11pm Friday 8th November 2013.
NB: Limit of 2 (4 x 30ml bottles total) per order applies.

Aro Glass Clearomizer by SMOK

This is first BCC (bottom changeable coil) style clearomizer we have seen from this manufacturer.

Almost identical in appearance to other BCC types, these contain a user replaceable bottom coil head, which is easily accessible during refilling (upside down).

As with most of the clearomizers we stock, these are EVOD and eGo battery compatible!

Theadditional heads are available separately in several different resistances.

Aro Glass Clearomizer

BCC Glass Clearomizer

eGo-C Mini 400mAh

Only 60mm long!
NEW - Extended Colour Range

All colours now back in stock.....except Clear 1.5ohm........

2.0ohm is what is supplied with our Naked kits.

iClear 16 - Dual Coil Clearomizer

NEW - Extended Colour Range

iClear 16


iClear 16 - Dual Coil Head - 5 PACK

5 Pack

Kanger BCC stocks as at 6pm - 6th November 2013

  • 1.5ohm more than 20 packs

  • 1.8ohm more than 20 packs

  • 2.2ohm more than 10 packs

  • 2.5ohm more than 20 packs

  • 2.8ohm more than 20 packs

  • 3.2ohm more than 10 packs

Kanger Universal BCC Head - 5 Pack

Compatible with



Until next week, cheers from Rob and Lia.

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