Hi everyone,

Christmas is fast approaching with never enough time to get it all done, well that is certainly how it feels at times - so without too much rambling on this week on we have a few new products to share with you all.

But first up, out of stocks - some key product lines have now been out of stock for far too long and is beyond our control at present unfortunately - Kanger Universal BCC Heads in particular.

With these types of products gaining popularity worldwide, it is constantly creating massive surges in demand globally, and causing shortages, these then get produced again and are again wiped out - rinse and repeat.

When we do get stock - our own customers wipe our stock out as they also stock pile and manage their own requirements given the unreliable supply at present - quite understandably. Predicting demand then becomes near impossible.

Rest assured, this product and several others are on our daily (hourly at times) check list for restocks.

NB: Our Xmas trading hours are at the bottom of this email.

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Cheers and vape on!

iClear 16 - Dual Coil Head - 5 PACK

Good stock levels now in store!

5 Pack


EVOD-C Battery - Thumbs up Award for forward thinking - 2013

EVOD-C Battery - Complete unit

NB: Limit of 2 per order - pricing available for intro stock only.
Introducing the latest evolution of the standard eGo type battery - the component battery type.

EVOD-C Battery - Complete

INTRO Pricing
Limit of 2 per order


Ghost Tips Bro?
A unique "glow in the dark*" style of tip.

NEW - 2 new styles to choose from!

The drip tips looks white under normal light, but glow light* green in the dark.

Ghost Tips Bro

Can you vape our Ghost tips bro?

i-Tank by Kumiho - Glass Tank BCC Clearomizer

The i-Tank by Kumiho is a bottom changeable coil tank system - each kit comes with 3 heads, each of a different resistance so users can explore the different vape effects each has. Additional heads can then purchased in packs of 5 at the desired resistance.

i-Tank by Kumiho

NEW - Glass BCC Tank

Includes 3 heads

i-Tank Replacement Heads - 5 Pack

Additional Charging Safety!

Li-Po Guard Bag

These bags are designed to help reduce and contain damage caused by a charging malfunction or battery issue.

These flame retardant bags are a convenient way of safe guarding your batteries during charging, transit, and storage.

Li-Po Guard


Flame Retardant Bag



Xmas Trading hours

Tuesday 24th of December 2013 - shipping cut off 1pm like usual - Orders placed after this time will ship *from Monday, 6th of January 2014

No orders will be processed or shipped from - 1pm, 24th of December 2013 to the 5th of January 2014

Monday 6th of January we are back to work and will work our way through the backlog.

Archive of previous weekly newsletters - Click here

Until next week, cheers from Rob, Lia and team at Naked Vapour.

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