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BCDC - Bottom Changeable Dual Coil
As I mentioned last week, we are seeing a massive push worldwide with the release of several new dual bottom coiled atomizing devices, last week we released the ProTank III - SOLD OUT - next shipment due in around 7 days.

This week we have a several releases from Innokin - iClear 30B clearomizer and Cool Fire I & II MODs as seen below that also include an iClear 30B.

TIP: Replace your heads!
Most of the atomizing devices we retail are rebuild-able and or refillable several times vs disposable, single use types.

This helps keep your ongoing costs down and reduces environment impact from several perspectives.

So with this in mind, remember e-Cig maintenance is an on going thing - atomizing heads will need to be replaced at some point as will the power supplies (batteries - finite amount of charge/discharge cycles + reasonably heavy use when you consider no other battery is pushed this hard so often).

Clearomizer housings will wear also, o-rings, seals, tanks cracking etc, replace these as needed.

When e-Liquid is vapourized, whatever is not vapourized is left behind, this is left behind on the coil, this will continue to build up with use.

This process is accelerated by e-Liquids that are darker in colour, the darker the e-Liquid the faster it will "gunk" up a head - Naked Cappuccino for example, is one of the darkest we offer and will gunk up a head much faster than a clearer e-Liquid like Naked Peach Cobbler for example.

Voltage/power also plays a part, as the higher the voltage or power delivered to the coil(s), the faster e-Liquid is vapourized, gunking up of the coils occurs at an accelerated pace.

When do I change them?

Most heads don't suddenly fail - when new (iClear 16 example used) they hiss, crackle and pop as the e-Liquid is readily vapourized off a clean new coil.

Over time/use this will settle down and the vapour and flavour production will alter also.

Change the head as vapour and flavour production fall below unsatisfactory levels. Only you can decide when this is, some people change the heads weekly, some more often, some less often...YMMV

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iClear 30B Dual Coil Clearomizer

Based on similar dual coil head designs, but this time in a bottom mounted type as opposed to the top mounted design of the original iClear 30.

  • Included is a standard 510metal tip, so you can use most 510 tips from your own collections.
  • 3ml tank

iClear 30B Clearomizer


Bottom Dual Coil

iClear 30B Replacement Head - 5 Pack


Cool Fire I MOD + iClear 30B

This 18350 sized MOD is the first we have seen to offer a fixed wattage output - meaning, regardless of the resistance of the atomizing device connected, it will continue to deliver 8.5 watts of energy to the coil(s).

Paired by the manufacturer - Innokin - to be best suited to their 2.0ohm rated coils - iClear 30B (as supplied), iClear 16 etc.

Cool Fire I + iClear 30B

18350 sized MOD

Fixed Wattage Output

Cool Fire II MOD + iClear 30B
This rather explosive looking device is an 18350 battery sized variable wattage MOD.

The MOD allows the user to easily check and select their power output via the rotatable dial, simple easy and quick power adjustment. - Remember to always start with lower power setrtings and work you way up.

Cool Fire II + iClear 30B


18350 sized MOD
Variable Wattage Output

Finally arrived back in store!!

Most colours back in stock - Rainbow and Stainless are out of stock at present.

eGo-C Twist - 1300mAh

Spinner/Twist style Variable Voltage

Vapeonly 3 Port eGo Holder

These holders allow you to keep your favourite vaping device stored upright without fear of being knocked over.

The holders are made from machined aluminium that is then lightly sand blasted, then anodized to achieve a good looking finish - being made from solid aluminium, they are light for their mass but heavy enough to be ideal for the job at hand - 136 grams.

  • Available in various colours.
  • Accepts most standard eGo sized batteries with a diameter less than 15mm - eGo diameter is approx 14mm.

Storage Safety: Please always store your vaping devices out of reach and access from children, minors and pets/animals.

iClear 16 - Dual Coil Head - 5 PACK

Plenty of 2.0ohm - limited 1.5ohm

5 Pack

Orders placed after 1pm Friday 24th Jan - will ship from Tuesday 28th of Jan - we are closed for enquiries and shipping on Monday 27th of January.

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