Hi everyone,
Tanks, tips and batteries for release this week!

But first up re-stocks -
Kanger Universal Heads - 1.8, 2.2 and 2.5ohm
ProTank II Mini
Ovape Mega Clearomizers - heads have been ordered also - due in around 7 days
MiniT3S and heads
EVOD Clearomizers (black only)
iTaste MVP
Vivi tubes
eGo-C 900, 1100 & 1300 regulated batteries
eGo APV V3
Vision Eternity Kits

We have more re-stocks en route at present so any remaining gaps in stock should be sorted soon.

Of note -iClear 16 1.5ohm heads have been out of stock with our suppliers for sometime but have now been ordered and their ETA is approx 7-10 days.

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Cheers and vape on!

EVOD-C Battery - Complete unit

NB: Limit of 2 per order - pricing available for intro stock only

OFFER ENDS Midnight Friday 14th Feb, 2014

EVOD-C Battery - Complete

INTRO Pricing - last days at this pricing!

Limit of 2 per order

Or you could buy them separately as below.......

Why a component battery?

Having the battery unit and control head separate allows you to add or replace only the components that you want or need to.

  • A battery may come to the end of its useful life and the control head is OK to continue to be used
  • or a control head fails but the battery is still OK to use
  • or you have a couple of control heads and many batteries

With standard integrated one piece type eGo batteries, if one component fails - the entire unit is discarded.

EVOD-C Control Head

This control head couples with the EVOD-C battery unit (available separately) from KangerTech.

EVOD-C Control Head


EVOD-C Battery Unit

This battery unit couples with the EVOD-C control head unit (available separately) from KangerTech.

EVOD-C Battery Unit - 900mAh

By KangerTech

Jade Bullet Tip

Ornamental Rock!
Made from various ornamental rocks, all will be slightly unique (black in finished shape only).

AeroTank by KangerTech
Airflow adjustable clearomizer tank system
The AeroTank is the first adjustable airflow type clearomizer we have seen as of Feb 2014.

Being able to adjust airflow easily means you can futher customize your own vaping expereience to suit you!

To adjust the airflow, you simply turn the grooved dial to suit - this will either raise or lower the grooved dial to expose or cover the airflow entry, adjusting the draw experienced.
This tank is very closely related to the ProTank III, in fact you could be forgiven for saying it is a ProTank III with an adjustable airflow quite simply.

Airflow adjustable!
Bottom Dual Coil

iClear Dual Coil Head - Replacement 5 PACK
Replacement dual coil heads for the Innokin iClear 16 and iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizers


1.5ohm - OUT OF STOCK - heads are typically suitable for eGo type output devices, 3.3-4.0v

2.0ohm - OUT OF STOCK - heads are better suited at voltages over 3.7volt - EVOD - eGo-C & Biansi batteries - as supplied in the clearomizers in the Naked iClear 16 kits and Explorer kit

iClear 16 - Dual Coil Head - 5 PACK

Out of stock - shipment due around the 19th of Feb - have landed in NZ, clearing NZ customs at the time of this post - 14/02/14

5 Pack

Replacement Heads

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Until next week, cheers from Rob, Lia and team at Naked Vapour.

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