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This week we take a look at one of our DIY sections -DIY e-Liquid Supplies

Having the right tools for the job not helps in getting the job done, but also allows you to do it with accuracy and ease.

Most of us have never had to measure out small amounts of liquids as we often deal with when making our own e-Liquids - best to make small batches to start with - 10ml or less - this helps keeps wastage costs down for those "what was I thinking with that flavour combo" moments.

To measure small volumes of liquids - we have several options

Graduated Cylinders - from 0.1ml increments - moulded plastic and borosilicate (glass) options available
Syringes with blunt tips - the most accurate method we offer

See below for more info

Stock notes
Ovape BCC heads have arrived back in stock

ProTank III - Replacement Dual Coil Heads - 5 Pack are on the way (same head as required for Aerotank also), due end of this week, early next hopefully, included in this shipment are iClear 16 dual coil heads - see below for new options.

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DCT Refilling Funnel

This handy funnel doubles in actual function - firstly, it allows easier refilling of DCT or Dual Coil Tank systems, secondly, when fitting the refilling tip to the tank, it also pushes the cartomizer inside through to allow refilling in the first place, saving the need for other methods.


DCT Refilling Funnel

DCT Filling made easy!

Naked Vapour has extensive DIY sections, full of products and tools to help make your own e-liquid creations and more.

In our DIY e-Liquids section we have everything from empty dripper bottles to measuring cylinders.

DIY e-Liquid Supplies
DIY Hardware
Naked Vapour Flavour Concentrates

See our e-Liquid mixing kit listing for more info on how to begin making your own e-Liquids!!

e-Liquid Mixing Kit

Whats in the kit?

Needle Capped Bottles
One of the best accessories for refilling e-Liquids.

These needle capped bottles help make refilling simple and easy, the needled cap helps get the e-Liquid to where it is supposed to go.
The bottles are soft and semi-transparent and easy to squeeze.

TIP: Our standard dripper bottles are also compatible with these bottle lids, just remove the dripper cap first.
Each set contains

  • 1 x PE Bottle; choose from 10 or 30ml size options
  • 1 x Needled screw top lid
  • 1 x Needle Cap lanyard/cover

Needle Capped Bottles

10 or 30ml
8 colours to choose from

Jade Bullet Tip

Ornamental Rock!
Made from various ornamental rocks, all will be slightly unique (black in finished shape only).

AeroTank by KangerTech

Airflow adjustable clearomizer tank system

The AeroTank is the first adjustable airflow type clearomizer we have seen as of Feb 2014.

Being able to adjust airflow easily means you can futher customize your own vaping expereience to suit you!

To adjust the airflow, you simply turn the grooved dial to suit - this will either raise or lower the grooved dial to expose or cover the airflow entry, adjusting the draw experienced.
This tank is very closely related to the ProTank III, in fact you could be forgiven for saying it is a ProTank III with an adjustable airflow quite simply.


Airflow adjustable!


Bottom Dual Coil

iClear Dual Coil Head - Replacement 5 PACK

Replacement dual coil heads for the Innokin iClear 16 and iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizers


1.5ohm - OUT OF STOCK - heads are typically suitable for eGo type output devices, 3.3-4.0v
2.0ohm - OUT OF STOCK - heads are better suited at voltages over 3.7volt - EVOD - eGo-C & Biansi batteries - as supplied in the clearomizers in the Naked iClear 16 kits and Explorer kit

Shipment due around the 25th of Feb

We have new generic iClear 16 heads - available from the drop down menu (unbranded heads - suspected to be Innokin, same head, same packaging, same outer box type) - same cost also hence no difference in price.

1.5ohm - Generic type - in stock
2.2ohm - Generic type - in stock

iClear 16 - Dual Coil Head - 5 PACK

5 Pack
Replacement Heads

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Until next week, cheers from Rob, Lia and team at Naked Vapour.

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