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Thread: Casablanca

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    Thank you for these tips. I have a DK-TAB on the way and I will also try Desert Ship, 555 variants, and a few of these other suggestions.

    I get nervous whenever my Casablanca bottle is less than half full. It will be nice to have a passable substitute in my cabinet just in case.

    It is funny, I did not like Casablanca at first. Too pungent and a bit like peanut butter, to which I have an allergy. Don assured me there were no peanuts, so I went ahead and vaped. It was an acquired taste, but it was the only thing that helped me kick the smoking habit. I also like Casablanca's spiciness which burns just a bit - like an analog. I like that.

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    You will not find any other juice like Casa. I gave up trying years ago. Other than the VERY rare misfortunes like what happened earlier this year, Don will never let Casa go away and I'm guessing he would rather die than go through that very costly nightmare again.

    I will admit that I also get a little nervous because Casa is the ONLY brew that I vape all day every day 24/7/365. I make sure that I have a good safety stock that I FIFO through. I will actually force myself to stop vapping Casa and switch over to my other favorites (Applewood, Virginia and Baco) for a few tank fulls once in a while. They are always there at the ready in case bad things happen. And even though they are not my Casa, I can easily vape them as a short term solution until I can get my grubby hands on more Casa. But again, I don't think Don will ever let that happen again.

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    I do Bacco as ADV & have ever since Don quit the RY4. I've never found a substitute for that one. I feel your pain.

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