3 months steeping and WOW!!!
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Thread: 3 months steeping and WOW!!!

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    Default 3 months steeping and WOW!!!

    I've had waffle and malty since September and when I first got them could not taste anything waffley or malty after 2 weeks steeping. So, I stashed them with my others and forgot about them. Yesterday I took waffle out and dripped it and it was freakin amazing!! All the nuances and sublime flavor was there and I could taste a wafflle sweetness that is almost addicting ! LOVE it. Malty is fabulous too and now I understand the hype around their juices. I dont mind steeping 3 months to get this flavor, I'll just order now while my bottles are full I really want to try the malty with toffee next.....yum! Definitely pays to be patient!!
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    Malty toffee is fairly similar with steep. 3 weeks is ideal IMO
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