There was a time that my all day vape was Orchard Frost, then something changed, looking back I think I know what is was(see note below), but I digress. I ventured to other juices, and put Orchard Frost out to pasture. I missed everything about it immediately. I'd pretty much forgotten about it. That was over a year ago.

On a whim I decided to buy a small bottle last week, well, it came today, and WOW!!!! Everything I remember, just how I remember it. Why OH WHY did I wait so long?????? Now I just hope that this little 15 ml bottle lasts until payday, and I can decide by then what Reo you're going into.

Don and Deana, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Thank you for providing me with this nectar of the gods. And I'm sorry, for what you ask, I'm sorry that I ever left, and for making you work harder by ordering at least 120 mls a month from now on.

(Thinking about it now, what changed was more than likely the delivery system I was using. I was using carto tanks exclusively then, using BOGE cartomizers. We all remember Bogegate don't we? The timing of the Boge fiasco, and the change in taste for me happened pretty much at the same time. I have since stepped up to 100% rebuildables, so that is unlikely to happen again.)(Of course back then I was also not smart enough evidently to try a different carto, or maybe an atty or something, was I)