PVC Mod (16340/RCR123, solderless)
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Thread: PVC Mod (16340/RCR123, solderless)

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    Default PVC Mod (16340/RCR123, solderless)

    PVC Mod (16340/RCR123, solderless)

    So many mods require drilling or a dremel. I think I am like most
    people and do not have all the required tools to prevent drilling
    through my hand with small parts nor do I have a dremel or lathe.
    After many attempts at a few different designs and a LOT of small
    parts, I have come up with this fairly easy do it yourself mod.
    This mod is finicky at keeping proper positive battery contact.
    Use safety precautions and assemble at your own risk.

    4 Tools needed:
    1/2 inch pvc/pipe cutter (or hacksaw)
    ruler with United States customary units

    9 Parts needed:
    (from Lowes)
    a. 1 push-on F Connector
    Not found on Lowes website. It is in the electrical isle near telephone wire/jacks.
    Amazon.com: RCA VH68 Push-On Connectors: Electronics

    b. Plastic box of wire brads size 1/2 x 19
    Shop The Hillman Group Wire Brads 19 x 1/2" at Lowes.com
    (other lengths are too long/short or have too big of a head)

    c. 1 foot 3/8 Inside Diameter clear vinyl tubing
    $0.25 per foot near brass fittings and plumbing

    d. 1 foot 5/16 Inside Diameter clear vinyl tubing
    $0.20 per foot near brass fittings and plumbing

    (pvc schedule 40, lowes item # and reference pics shown)
    (lowes does not list small pvc items on website)

    e. 1/2 inch round cap (slip)
    1/2" Cap Slip PVC Fittings Schedule 40

    f. 1/2 inch threaded/slip adapter
    1/2" Male Adapter Mipt x Slip PVC Fitting Schedule 40

    g. 1/2 inch x 5 feet pvc pipe
    Shop Charlotte Pipe 1/2" x 5' Schedule 40 Plain End Pipe at Lowes.com

    (from madvapes.com)
    h. 510 connector with hole (non-sealed)
    510 Battery Connector, Assembled, Silver
    This may also work for other connectors with hole besides 510.

    (from Office Depot)
    i. Package of 1.5 inch brass fasteners (1 inch is too short)
    Office Depot Brass Fasteners 1 12 Length Pack Of 60 by Office Depot

    Extra Parts to make it functional:
    RCR132 Battery
    510 atomizer & cartridge

    01. Cut 1/8 inch piece of the small tubing (5/16).

    02. Push this piece over the threaded part of the F Connector.
    This smaller tubing around the threads prevents the ground wire
    from making continuous contact. This tubing does not need to be
    pushed as far as it can go. The bigger tubing may be used but
    may slip down if not wedged on.

    03. Cut 1/8 inch piece of the big tubing (3/8).

    04. Push this piece over the top of the F Connector below the top
    ring and ridge line. This will be a very tight fit. Leave ring on.

    05. Insert one wire brad (nail) into bottom hole of F Connector and
    push it until it stops. Pointy end goes in first. Wire brad head
    will stick out.

    06. Cut one inch length of 1/2 inch pvc pipe.

    07. Push the pvc cap onto one end of this one inch length you just cut.

    08. Pull apart legs of two 1.5 inch brass fasteners.

    09. Grip the longer end of one fastener leg about 1/8 inch with pliers
    and bend over towards the top of the "button" into a U shape.

    10. Do the same for the longer end of the second fastener.

    11. Position both fasteners so the buttons are facing opposite directions.

    12. Insert the two bent ends into each other and clamp tight with pliers
    so they end up hooked together.

    13. With your fingers, bend the outside end of one leg over the top of
    the nearest button in accordian fashion so that no section is wider
    than the button. Do not let the leg stick out past the side of the
    button. Push the accordian together as much as possible. This will
    ensure good contact to the flat negative side of the battery. The
    button by itself did not always make good contact.

    14. Leave about 1/2 inch of the opposite end leg (on the other fastener) by
    breaking the rest of it off by bending it back and forth with pliers.
    Bend the remaining attached 1/2 inch in half. This will be used as
    a switch to make contact with the edge of the F Connector.

    15 Place flat negative side of battery onto accordian leg and push the
    other leg up flush against the battery.

    16. Place the accordian leg side with battery into the pvc pipe with cap
    and push all the way down.

    17. Slide open button through middle of pvc adapter, big side first.

    18. Push pvc adapter tight onto pvc pipe.The button should stick out the
    top of the adapter completely. If it does not, you should be able to
    pull the button up a little at this point.

    19. Slide F Connector into threaded end of pvc adapter hole all the way
    down, wire brad head first. It probably will not go down far enough to be
    flush but get it as close as you can. You want the wire brad to be
    touching the positive terminal of the battery.
    This will be the most probable spot of failure if the mod does not work.

    20. Adjust the button and 1/4 inch leg piece so that the leg piece touches
    the F Connector edge when you push down on the button with your thumb.
    Important note: It should not touch when you are not pushing on it!

    21. Attach atomizer/catridger to 510 connecter and slide into F connector.
    Note: The 510 connector is only used to make a good ground connection.

    Mod completed! F Connector is mostly sealed for battery protection.
    Ensure the button does not remain in constant contact with the F Connector.
    Remove the atomizer when not in use to prevent accidental activation.
    AFAIK it vapes okay, not enough experience or other PVs to compare it to yet.
    I think a 3.7 volt 16340 protected battery may vape better than the
    3.0 volt R123 LiFePO4 I used.

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    Looks simple enough and can be made to use whatever battery. Plus it could come in handy if you ever have a waterline break.

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    Awesome mod and explanation particularly for noobies!

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    Brass fasteners---just brilliant.

    Available everywhere and probably already have some lying around in the desk drawer.

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    You definitely want that 16340 at 3.7 volts. I'm surprised it's working with a 3 volt battery.

    Cute little emergency mod. =)
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