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    Outlet of Premium "USP Kosher Grade" E-Liquid Bases

    A litre of the above would be $29 + $10 shipping fedex

    If you wanted to save on shipping I litre in 6% nic would be $47 and cut it with pg or vg to desired strength
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    I just buy this from www.eliq.com

    DIY E-Liquid Bases 8 OZ
    SPECIAL PRICE: $9.97
    *Select Liquid Base- I choose 70 vg 30 pg
    *Select Nicotine Density- I choose 3%
    SPECIAL PRICE: $9.97
    Add Items to Cart
    Quick Overview
    11 different E-Liquid Bases, 16 different nicotine densities(0%-50%), total 176 E-Liquid Base choices to meet your special needs.

    Price mainly depends on nicotine density This is unflavored