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Using eCigs to Quit Smoking, or the umpteenth nic replacement...Successful?

My true adventures of quitting smoking using eCigs. Started with Blu disposable regular, just started maintenance with White Cloud Fling lite. After careful consideration, ordered a starter g6 kit from halo, along with 4 mini tanks, and 3 supplemental juices of differing strengths.

GOAL: quit smoking, vape down from 24 to 18, using 12mg maintenance. Eventually vape down to 6mg, and mix in some flavored 0mg. When only vaping 0 mg, plan to wean off vaping altogether. (I know that's not everyone's goal, but it's mine).

  1. Your Biggest Regret In Vaping? NOT Blu Disposable

    by , 02-15-2014 at 01:11 AM (Using eCigs to Quit Smoking, or the umpteenth nic replacement...Successful?)
    Quote Originally Posted by burnnoticefanny View Post
    As this board has a combination of new and veteran vapers, I'm just curious what your biggest regret is in vaping. I would say that mine is simply the use of the BLU cig as I failed miserably with it. This is not to say that they are horrible, because I know some people use these exclusively and successfully, but they simply did not work out for me. On the plus side, they did introduce me to vaping and at the very beginning I definitely thought that with vaping I'd eventually be able to stop using