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    Nope, those were standard cartos, I had not ventured toward dual coil at that point.
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    Like I said in the thread, for now you still have to check the Art glass drip tips thread to find out the exact release date/time after getting the newsletter. Then hang out refreshing the trippy tip site close to that time. Bert put them all out as mystery tips last time, when he does that you just have to tell him which one you would prefer in the comments box when ordering(best chance of getting one you really want is to tell him several that you would prefer). There should be another release fairly soon. I have managed to get 2 now, 1 each from the last 2 releases. If I happen to catch the approximate date/time for the next release and how he is releasing them, I will message you. It just takes a little free time and patience on release day. This last time we got a time and we all started watching the site about 1/2 hour before, they all went as mystery tips. The time before it was a slow rollout, one at a time about 45 minutes apart on 2 days. I sat for hours trying to get one.
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    Good question, and I have no answer for that. I think the best options are to take them to the hardware store and find a match or to just ask Arry here.
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    Forgot to update!
    I got a Trippy Tip!!!
    I love it. It is the best thing ever! I never vape without it.
    I want more, I want one for every tank or atty I ever use!
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    Juice Updates from my shopping mentioned here..

    Vape Heaven - OMG I love it. It's pixie stix & sweettarts all rolled into one. Not my all day vape, but a great break from my other flavors.
    Razzle Dazzle Berry - Really nice flavor.
    I'm impressed! I really like these juices!

    Kick Bass Vapor
    Waffles - really great flavor. Not as strong on the syrup as vaporbomb, but very good all on its own.
    Candy Bar- Not bad, but not my favorite.. I think I just don't like the nutty flavors
    Troll Bridge Cookie - My other Go-To vape. I alternate this with the VaporBomb waffle. Not overly sweet, but it is incredibly delicious. I don't really get a chocolate chip cookie flavor, in fact I can't really explain what I taste in this I just know that I love it and want to buy it by the gallon!

    My Impression of Blue Mist is above in my previous reply, sadly I was not impressed

    Duh I got more waffle! lol still good!
    New Blueberry - a little strong on its own, but I have mixed it with a few flavors that I had found bland before and it is GREAT! I recommend that anyone who likes blueberry keeps this on hand to add to flavors that don't have enough oomph, a little goes a long way!
    Orange - it's flavor matches the name, I love it.
    New Grape - again, flavor matches its name and it's great.
    Strawberry - true to its name, and very good all on its own.

    I'm a chocolate freak so I got some double dutch chocolate and some white chocolate in hopes that I could find a chocolate that I actually like. I cannot vape them by themselves, but like with the blueberry they can be added to other flavors to make everything better. Just a personal thing, nothing wrong with the flavors, I just need them to be in a coffee or baked goods blend for me to like vaping chocolate.
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    Sorry Duke, hadn't checked my blog in a while.
    From Blue Mist I got:
    black forest cake - smells awesome, but had a kind of chemical taste, put it away for now.
    strawberry citrus - smells and vapes good
    buttercream cupcake - not much scent, vapes ok but has a slightly chemical taste.
    blueberry muffin - has a chemical & cinnamon smell so i haven't tried it
    cake batter - has a cinnamon scent so i haven't even tried it

    I'll try the cake batter and blueberry muffin when i get new atty's, after smelling the cinnamon i didn't want to put it in my tanks and risk cracking.

    I've been hoping the chemical smell/taste will die out, but even now they all still have that scent, even after steeping with the cap off, so I may just sell these and wash my hands of blue mist. Sad as I had heard great things, guess it just wasn't for me.