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  1. Marlboro's in the game now.

    by , Today at 09:03 PM
    As a smoker I signed up for coupons from Marlboro.... Well, in the mail today I get the black envelope, this time it's different, so I open it. Turns out Marlboro now has a cig-a-like called the mark 10. Guess that's all of them now. Wonder how many additives are in their vape when compared to my DIY!!
  2. In My Thoughts....always...*

    by , Today at 08:45 AM
    Think I am supposed to make a 'new' post in the blog not 'comment'...well, I am not sure...'nothing new' for me to be 'confused'.......* so.....

    You and yours....those who serve, those who did..those who will.........in my thoughts...ever grateful....*{{{hugs}}}

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  3. Wakonda Warriors, UNITE! Sig banner

    by , Yesterday at 07:23 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Kent Brooks View Post
    Image is linked to the file...

  4. My Story

    by , Yesterday at 05:22 PM
    My name is Sean. I am a 40 year old electrician living in Small Town Alberta. I started smoking when I was 12. My parents smoked, my friends parents smoked, many of my aunts and uncles smoked, and most of my teachers smoked. Everyone knew it was bad, and no-one encouraged it, but I doubt it was a surprise to anyone the first time I got caught.

    Twenty eight years is a long time to do anything. I loved smoking, and I told myself I would never quit. I didn't want ...

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  5. Chromed brass.

    by , Yesterday at 04:39 AM
    What's your view on brass in use on atomizers? As a mechanic/welder/fabricator in the metal industry I know all brass contains lead, even naval brass. So as a vaper, I try to find atty's where the only metal used it stainless, so I don't have to worry that my juice will leach lead and give me a vape worse than smoking.... is this even possible to find in clones? Some item's I bought when I first started vaping were sold to me as stainless, I no longer use them as I found this was a lie told to ...
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