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  1. Still smoking.

    by , 05-18-2014 at 08:44 PM (My journey into becoming a non-smoker.)
    How many times have I told myself lately that this is the last pack of cigs I will buy? Well still smoking here and seems that even though I want to quit I am still buying cigs. Bought a ton of new juices even a new itaste mvp but the urge to smoke is still here. When I do vape now which is far and few between I get vapers mouth so bad that cigs just seem to seem more attractive. Ugh... What to do here. I hate the way I smell lately and feel. :mad:
  2. Make Your Own Coffee Flavoring

    by , 05-18-2014 at 08:38 PM
    I actually "borrowed" this process from another thread - weeks ago - but can no longer find the original poster.

    Here is how I make my own coffee flavoring:

    Take a 30 mL bottle and fill it about half full with fresh ground coffee. Whatever is your favorite. Fine ground is better than course.

    Fill the rest of the bottle with plain pg. (Leave a little room at the top.)

    Heat in microwave for 20 seconds. Let it cool down to room temp. Heat ...