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  1. The ULTIMATE DIY Nemesis switch fix —clone or original, common household tools!

    by , Today at 01:48 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverDiving View Post
    Premise: ALL Nemesis switches are crunchy. It's a design issue.
    Reason: There are four surfaces that slide one against another and cause friction and sticking.
    Solution: Eliminate those friction areas as much as possible.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Nemesis switch consists of seven parts in two groups.

    From the bottom up:

    1. Button and Post.
    2. Small Spring.
    3. Large Spring.
    4. Rice Pin.
  2. Fantastic note to FDA x DrMa

    , Yesterday at 09:32 PM
    This is chalk full of truths and transparencies. I love it! WTG DrMa!
  3. Beyond Vape E-Juice Review

    by , Yesterday at 12:28 PM
    Lately, I've had the good fortune to win two contests in the Beyond Vape contest thread, here on ECF. The prizes for each were my choice of three 10ml bottles of their house brand juice, which is 50/50 pg/vg and which I ordered in 12mg strength. I've posted reviews for each of the flavors I ordered as I've tried them, within the contest thread, but I wanted to do a blog regarding their juice taken as a whole, since I've now been able to try six of their premium flavors.
    Overall, I'd say this ...
  4. Micro-comment #12 for FDA Deeming - re: "pillar" of BT nusiness model

    by , Yesterday at 05:11 AM
    Docket ID: FDA-2014-N-0189; RIN: 0910-AG38

    Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products and should not be treated as such. Deeming them as tobacco is a grave error with deadly consequences for more than 40 million American smokers who will be denied access to an alternative that is more than 1,000 times safer than combustible tobacco.

    The proposed deeming regulations would remove more than 99% of electronic cigarette (ecig) products from the market and deliver the entire ...
  5. Gapped/Split Microcoil (Kayfun)

    by , 07-29-2014 at 04:32 PM
    Bonjour my vaping friends!

    So. just a quick sharing on something I've been building and using on all my attys. I have absolutely no clue if it's smth original or it's been done by other folks, but ah, it's pretty irrelevant mm? Vapes really really well for me.

    So. background to the build.

    The truth is, I've never understood why everyone squish their microcoils (aka contact microcoils because the wraps are all in contact with each other). It seemed like something ...
    Tags: kayfun, microcoil
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