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  1. Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part 2

    by , 08-05-2014 at 06:55 PM
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    Well I jumped in with both feet. Got another Provari another Kayfun.Wife finally got one she likes FA 7 leaves mixed at 1.5% for me so far it FA Maxx Blend at 3% and the RY4 from Mike and Janet. Still looking for a 3rd that I like as well.
    Hi 2legs ... how's it going on Camano ??

    Opinions of the FA tobaccos I tried.....each solo, as a test
    Mellow Sunset[ = SUPER soft flavor, clear juice, no real taste at 2%, will try at a higher % next time.
    Tuscan Reserve
  2. Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part 2

    by , 06-11-2014 at 02:59 AM
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    Yeah. That suggests blueberry at 15%, vanilla cupcake at 20%. So, if you want, you could mix .75 ml blueberry per 5 ml of base, and 1 ml vanilla cupcake per 5 ml of base. Then once you have adjusted them to your taste, you could experiment with them in various proportions for your preferred BBMuffin.