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Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part 2

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by , 08-05-2014 at 05:55 PM (317 Views)
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Well I jumped in with both feet. Got another Provari another Kayfun.Wife finally got one she likes FA 7 leaves mixed at 1.5% for me so far it FA Maxx Blend at 3% and the RY4 from Mike and Janet. Still looking for a 3rd that I like as well.
Hi 2legs ... how's it going on Camano ??

Opinions of the FA tobaccos I tried.....each solo, as a test
Mellow Sunset[ = SUPER soft flavor, clear juice, no real taste at 2%, will try at a higher % next time.
Tuscan Reserve = Another super soft flavor (even more so), clear juice, I used 2%, and will try again at 6-8%
Maxx Blend = I like it at 3% also, again a clear juice, smooth and mild.
Dark Vapirs = avoid at all costs
Royal = soft at 2%, good on it's own and as a mixer.

If you like the FA, you will also like HS (Hangsens) , all tested solo also.
Desert Ship = Better than any other DS, Clear, smooth, at 5%
Flue Cured = clear, very smooth, mild at 5%
Highway = one of my favorites (yummy), tastes like RY4, with a soft "nutty" background
Arabic = not good solo, but OK in mixes, is a stronger flavor
Golden VI = very good solo at 8%
Indian = another yummy at 4%

PG/VG both keep for a long time in the cupboard as Iffy says.
If you bought your nic in the liter or 1000ml size, I would break it down to smaller sizes.
Nicotine doesn't like "air" ... so breaking it down before freezing it, keeps you from opening and reopening the same bottle every time you want to thaw some out.
That way you only expose it to the air once, and then you can just take out a smaller bottle as you need it, without exposing any of the rest.
You don't have to break it down into real small bottles, (I use 4oz) because they will also keep for a year or more in a cool dark cupboard without losing any of the quality
Besides, it's NOT good to put a bottle half full back in the freezer after you take out what you want ....it's now half full of "air" .


  1. elbakan1's Avatar
    I saw a thread from Slots about being very happy with his Provari purchase.
    Congrats!! I have only one, and it's the 2.5.
    I'm in need of the 20w, but have limited resources.

    Does anybody knows where can I buy a good clone?.
    Since this is the only industry I know of,
    where the consumers buy Clones of Clones.

    Anybody?. elby

    PS, the purpose of this thread is to say "the party's over".
    Even China is respecting Copyrights now.
  2. elbakan1's Avatar
    Now, bear with me, if you wish.
    Why do I type such stupidities?
    #1. I'm drunk.
    #2. I have vested interests. About time.

  3. elbakan1's Avatar
    I wish to apologize, specially, to the members of the Back Porch.

    I received great news from 12 times zones away. We are going to do it
    THE AMERICAN WAY!!!!. We are not settling. We are going to court!!!

    Thank you, and forgive me.