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Somewhat new here...

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by , 02-21-2009 at 09:05 AM (1273 Views)
NathanS gave me the link for this place, it seems a lot more active than other eCig forums. I wanted to tell the story of how I came to be an eCig user.

On December 10th I suffered a massive heart attack, I actually died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and had to be revived. I made a promise to myself that I would quit smoking regardless of what it took. The hospital provided nicotine patches after a little while which helped but did not provide the experience I wanted. There's more to being a smoker than just craving nicotine. So I was feeling a little depressed at the whole outlook on life from this point forward. I'd have to give up not just smoking but salt, sugar, fat, you know, basically anything with flavor, the things that make life worth actually living.

Then a day or two later my mother visited me in the hospital and told me about something she'd read about called "NJoy" and gave me a link to look into it. I checked out their website (gotta love hospitals with WiFi) and was highly interested in what they were showing there. I did a lot of research and decided that this thing might just be the way to go. Well, my mom bought me my first NJoy NPro as an early birthday gift and my brother bought one for my mother for Christmas. Both of us have been smoke free ever since.

Now I'm not one to sit still with just one product and say "this must be the best there is", I like to try things, experiment, compare, do reviews on tech sites (video and text) a la C|Net and so forth. So I looked into some of the alternative types of eCigs and ordered a 901 from ( and a Janty Dura from their site. The 901 arrived amazingly fast and looked, felt and tasted wonderful. (Again must thank NathanS for that). Still no word from Janty, they're out of stock and keep changing their status so when that gets here, it gets here, we'll see.

I've since been experimenting with lots of different kinds of juice, mixing and trying new flavor combos. My current favorite being "Chocolate Covered Cherry" (sometimes with mint). I'm curious to see what 555 tastes like because I hear a lot of people talk about it and I've never tried it.

I don't want to suggest that I've given up on the NJoy NPro because I haven't. I have 4 NPros (well, 1 charger, 4 batteries and 4 atomizers) and I use them regularly too. Sometimes I feel like using the NJoy, sometimes I feel like using the 901, I like the option to decide what I want. I have since converted at least three or four dozen people from traditional cigarettes to eCigarettes. It's a nice feeling because you know that with these things they have a chance of quitting and even if they choose not to, they're not getting those 4000+ chemicles that traditional tobacco pushes into you. I've become a cruisader for eCigs and am trying to convert every smoker I see. Most people are fascinated and I'd even say the majority want to run right out and get one. A few are cautious and want to look into it further and I give them all the info I can but most, they think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks!

-Michael A. Smith (Argent009)


  1. Tom09's Avatar
    Hi Argent,
    so great to read your blog here. You may actually have to add one person more to your e-smoking converted list. I was lurking into VH at times when you had your health crisis (never registered an account, since I felt as if commenters were not particularily welcome there). Your video was my very first encounter with e-cigs and I'm personally so glad glad thet I've found them. I did not stop but cut heavily down. Good to read that it worked out the very best for you.
    Kind regards!
  2. Stryder2's Avatar
    Hi Argent I have been vaping for a week and love it, I started with a dse901 starter kit from
    It arrived 2 days after I ordered it and have been using it ever since. I've cut 2 packs a day in just a week. One more pack to go and I'll be smoke free. I wish you well and hope the ecigs keep working for you
  3. tokrjokr's Avatar
    Hi Argent! Congratulations! I have just started using ecigs and just now discovered this forum and only after 4 days of using ecigs from Green Smoke, have cut back from 2 packs a day to less than half a pack. I am very encouraged and excited to read about all these other ecigs available.
  4. scyllabub's Avatar
    I wish the anti-ecig lobby would take account of stories like yours. And to think that eBay in the UK have just announced they are banning anything e-cig related from the site as from June 30th.

    Good luck, Argent!