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Bellini del Sol (TFA) Summer 13'

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by , 03-24-2014 at 05:40 AM (146 Views)
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As we peak to the summer of 13' a soothing soul-sensation of a flav I must share...A secret I can no longer keep, the Itali spirits of the Sol, Bellini.....of the Sun! Seriously, a great little mix I came up with modeled after a fav summer flav drink o'mine! If you like peaches and champagne and don't know what to do with that awful cherry DIY flav you bought, it is, get your taste buds drunk on de Sun, of the Sol! ...and it is as follows........

2ml Juicy Peach TFA
2.5ml Champagne TFA
1ml Sweetner TFA
3 drops of lemon/lime TFA
2 drops Maraschino Cherry TFA
.5ml Distiled Water
12ml VG
12ml PG(nic PG ratio included)

Mix well, and let steep at room temp for 36 hours. Shake well before use. Recipe yields 30ml finished product. Cut in half to make a 15ml sample blend.

Fresh peaches blending perfectly with a slightly carbonated fizzle on your tounge....a treat for the Sol, your soul. Enjoy! Ciao bebe!
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