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Ruby Soho (TFA) Recipe

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by , 03-24-2014 at 05:41 AM (156 Views)
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Heyas Ya'll!

So heres another little ditty I've been playin' with...inspired by my fav band of the 90's and a lil' bar in my home town...a Ruby Soho!
Soaring social heights and mixing those flavs that you thought were impossible, un-mixable, till' now! If you love the tartness from a cranberry but ask it to obey its parameters o' teh sweetness then here it is, as follows.....

2ml Cranberry TFA
1ml Black Currant TFA
1.5ml Champagne TFA
5 drops of Lemon/lime TFA
2ml Sweetner TFA
.5ml Distilled Water
11ml VG
12ml PG(nic PG ratio included)

Mix well and let steep 72 hours at room temp. Shake well before use.(Mosh pit recomended, see vid below for inspiration and energy) This recipe yields 30ml finished product. Cut in half to make a 15ml sample bottle. Is a fantastic blend I have tried and was brilliant! <3 if you love cranberries!.....Let it linger, oh yeah!

Chill' with this nastalgic vid for just a moment if you were a teenager in teh 90's! Ruby ruby ruby ...So-ho!
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