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Raspberry Lemon Lime Sour For Summer time! (TFA)

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by , 03-24-2014 at 05:42 AM (173 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by CheekyChica View Post
Hi! First recipe I'm posting, this one took a bit of trial and error but I've got it!...and its fantastic!

1.25ml of Raspberry (sweet) TFA
.25ml Lemon lime TFA
3 drops of Sour 20% TFA
1.5ml TFA Sweetner
1ml Distilled water
12ml VG
14ml PG(including your nic ratio)

Makes aprox 30ml bottle, so just divide in half if you want to make a smaller bottle of 15ml.
I make all my juices in 30ml and I get confused with percentages, but this is my blend.

It is very sweet, I let steep 24hours before trying it, and it was awesome, but very sweet so you can cut down the sweetner and subsitute with pg or vg.

It has as strong Raspberry (candy like) flavor with lemon lime (like Sprite soda) undertones and a tinge of sour, about 1/2 as strong as a sweet tart candy. The Distilled water gives it a "juicy" essence when I vape, but you can subsitute it for PG or VG if desired.

This PG/VG ratio serves me best as I use a ProTank, Kanger T3S, and a T2 top coil wick clearos. Adjust as needed for different devices or preferences, but the flavors are spot on! Enjoy ya'll!
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